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KAU Innovation days:

First Innovation Day KAU: the first KAU Meet-up (Networking Session) on “Innovative Solutions in Energetics: Business and Science Cooperation Opportunities”
2nd Innovation Day KAU “Innovative solutions in materials science” 
The 3rd Innovation Day KAU “Biotech Meets Business 2020
Biotech-Day: 2nd Science-Biotech-Industry Workshop
Eco Innovation Day – 5th International Meetup: https://sites.google.com/kau.edu.ua/5-th-innovation-day-kau-ua/home

Community building

Digital coalition of Ukraine
Industry 4.0 in Ukraine
Ukrainian cluster week “DIGITALIZATION OF INDUSTRIAL SMEs” 26-28 of April. Online conference / B2B Matchmaking
EaP ICT Innovation and Startup ecosystem
German-Ukrainian Transfer Technology University Partnership (GUTT.UP)

Strategy development

Digital Agenda UA
Road Map of integration to DSM EU