Creating and supporting the development of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)

In March 2024, the Kyiv Academic University launched the project “Creation and support of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)”, which is one of the key activities of the project to promote the creation of an ecosystem of digitalization, automation, science and innovation for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine.

The project aims to increase the capacity of the Digital Innovation Hub “NOSC-UA DIH Virtual Center for Digital Innovation”.

The institutional development of NOSC-UA DIH is aimed at strengthening the regional and international digital innovation ecosystem of cloud technologies and services using AI, big data, blockchain, and scientific knowledge.

The project plans to prepare and provide services for SMEs, NGOs, business support organizations, and public authorities, as well as identify areas of cooperation and prepare joint digital projects with other digital innovation hubs in Ukraine and the EU with the participation of SMEs in the areas of deep technologies, including energy, agri-food, green technologies, industry 5.0, and healthcare. The project will include meetings and cooperation activities with other Eastern Partnership countries, including partners from Moldova.

The project is part of the international cooperation project “Digital Transformation of SMEs in the Eastern Partnership Countries” with the financial support of the German government. The strategic implementer of the project is the German federal company GIZ Ukraine. The implementing partner is the Virtual Center for Digita.

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