Center “TEM-SCAN”

Center for Collective Use of Devices  (CCUD) (Center for Shared Equipment) “TEM-SCAN”  of NAS of Ukraine at the Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Material Science of  NAS of Ukraine

Contact:   Mykola Y. Danilenko,  +380(44)4240294,,


 The Center has  JEM-2100F — field emission transmission electron microscope (FE-TEM) that  incorporates multiple additional functions such as a high sensitivity scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) image observation device and an energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) system allowing simple and integrated data acquisition.


The Center conducts research  of  X-ray spectra of experimental samples using    the JED-2300T energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer which included in the JEM-2100F. 

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