Center ” Scanning Microscopy Laboratory”

Center for Collective Use of Devices  (CCUD) (Center for Shared Equipment) ” Scanning Microscopy Laboratory”  of NAS of Ukraine at the Institute of Magnetism of NAS of Ukraine and MES Ukraine

Contact:   Volodymyr O. Golub,  +380 44 424 1020 , e-mail:,


The Center  has a SOLVER PRO atomic force microscope and an ELEXSYS E500 electronic paramagnetic resonance spectrometer. The SOLVER PRO atomic force microscope is a universal tool for studying the topography and electrophysical and magnetic properties of high-resolution surfaces and allows atomic force microscopy (contact, semi-contact, non-contact), magnetic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy.


The Сenter can perform the following research:
1. The study of atomic structures.
2. Study of metallic nanostructures.
3. The study of magnetic structures.
4. Research of polymeric objects.
5. Research of biological objects.
6. Research on carbon nanomaterials.

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