Center “High-Vacuum Analytical System UHV-ANALYSIS-SYSTEM”

Center for Collective Use of Devices  (CCUD) (Center for Shared Equipment) “High-Vacuum Analytical System UHV-ANALYSIS-SYSTEM” of NAS of Ukraine at the Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Material Science of  NAS of Ukraine

Contact:   Oleg.Y. Khyzhun,  +38 0(44)-390-11-23,,

Equipments:  The UHV Analysis System is used to study X-ray photoelectron spectra of valence and internal levels of atoms of experimental samples, in particular, to study: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, ultraviolet spectroscopy, Auger spectroscopy (Auger spectroscopy) and electron diffraction.

Services:  The Center conducts research X-ray photoelectron spectra (XPS) valence and internal levels of experimental samples and ultraviolet spectra, Auger spectra and electron diffraction. XPS spectra are obtained at a constant delay potential of 25-40 eV. Al (Mg) Kα radiation is used as a source for XPS spectra.

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