Center for Mössbauer Spectroscopy

Center for Mössbauer Spectroscopy  of NAS of  Ukraine  at the Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics of  NAS of Ukraine.

Contact:   Vladislav M. Shyvaniuk,   +380 44 424 64 27, E-mail:,


Nuclear gamma-resonance (NGR) spectrometers:  WissEl Mössbauer spectrometer (Germany), NP-255 Moessbauer spectrometer (Hungary). The use of NGR is highly effective in solving classical metallurgical problems: determining the phase composition of steels and alloys, studying phase transformations, processes of atomic and magnetic ordering, etc.


Center for  Mössbauer Spectroscopy conducts research on:
a) iron-containing (in the future tin-containing) materials in the form of foils (thickness 20-25 μm, area  1,
b) powder (the amount depends on the density and size of the powder fraction), and plates (area 1  sq. cm, maximum thickness 1.5 mm) in the geometry of reflection and absorption.
Calibration of the spectra is performed on standard absorbers: Fe57 or sodium nitroprusside.
Processing of spectra, determination of their components (singlets, doublets, sextets) and parameters of these components (isomeric shift, cradle moment, ultrathin magnetic field) is carried out using UNIVEM software.
Restoration of the distribution of the ultrafine magnetic field p (H) on iron cores is carried out using its own software.

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