Centre “Study of Mechanical Properties”

Center for Shared Equipment “Study of Mechanical Properties” of NAS of  Ukraine  at the Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics of  NAS of Ukraine

Contact:   Sergey A. Kotrechko,  +38 (044) 424-13-52, E-mail: kotr@imp.kiev.ua, https://www.imp.kiev.ua/Center_CRMP/


The Instron® 8802  Servohydraulic Testing System is a compact servohydraulic fatigue testing system, that allows testing of metals and alloys, composites, plastics, etc., on: uniaxial quasi-static tension, uniaxial quasi-static compression, three-point bending, off-center tension and cyclic loading.


Testing to determine:
1) standard characteristics of the material: Young’s modulus, yield strength, yield strength, total and uniform elongation, relative tensile strength, true fracture stress, strain hardening index;
2) characteristics of fracture mechanics and high- and low-cycle fatigue.

The Center’s specialists can additionally provide consultations on:
a) the optimal choice of test methods for specific samples;
b) optimization of the characteristics of strength and ductility of metal alloys;
c) ways to achieve the required levels of strength and ductility of structural steels.

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