DSTEST educational and research software platform

Project overview

One of the most important areas of development of computer modeling in applied research is to increase the speed and accuracy of numerical methods for solving mathematical models of the environment. For example, in modeling air and water environments, one of the most important problems is to solve the advection-diffusion equation describing the transport of substances. So far, there is no scheme that worked equally well for problems of different dimensionality, linear and nonlinear equations, provided all conservativity requirements, and was fast enough. Therefore, active research continues in this area.

Developed web service can be regarded as the initial version of the training and research platform allows you to solve complex problems of research, testing and comparing multiple equation solution schemes of mathematical models of the environment based on solving model problems using cloud computing technology and web technologies to set input data, obtain and visualize results (software implementation of several methods and testing cases, corresponding model problems).


Kovalets I. V., Kivva S. L., Maistrenko S. Y., Dontsov-Zagreba T. A., Polonsky A. A.

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