Fundamentals of materials joining and processing

Level: intermediate

Language: English

Format: online

Course duration: 8 hours 

Target groups: undergraduates and post-graduates of specialty materials science, mechanical engineering


Availability: Always available (for online completion)

Necessary knowledge

basic knowledge of physics of continuous media, mechanics of materials, physical chemistry and materials science, obtained during the acquisition of a bachelor’s degree.

Acquired skills

  • understanding of physical, physico-chemical and mechanical processes that determine the ability and quality of joining different materials;
  • understanding of technological methods of welding and joining;
  • knowledge about the peculiarities of joining of typical materials of different classes;
  • skills of conducting basic calculations for the purpose of analyzing the main processes when joining materials and assessing the quality and reliability of the joints and structures;
  • basic knowledge of AI-driven approaches for technological processes of joining and processing of sustainable materials.

You can meet the lecturer and learn the course structure from this short video.

The course is free. All students will receive certificates with the amount of ECTS credits on completing the course. 

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