Ovcharenko Institute of Biocoloidal Chemistry

Ovcharenko Institute of Biocoloidal Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine

Basic scientific directions:

1). Nanophysics:
a) nanofluidics – distribution of substances, energy conversion and morphological transformations in nanostructured liquid and porous systems;
b) the phenomena of percolation and fractal self-organization in spatially bounded anisotropic and isotropic nanocluster materials and nanostructured systems.
2). Nanomedicine: processes and phenomena in the interaction of metal nanoparticles with biological systems of different levels of organization in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of different genesis.
3). Nanopharmacy: biological activity and molecular biochemicalmechanisms of target action of metal nanoparticles as the basis of drugs.
4). Biocolloid ecology: bioremediation of soils, bases of creation of composite phytosorbents, biosensorics in ecological monitoring.

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