Prototype of the “Principles of Gene Expression Data Management” training service based on a set of bioinformatics training materials, virtualization systems and replicable research for using the “Integrative Cross-Experimental Gene Expression Analysis” service, including the created gene expression database and corresponding meta-data (additional clinical characteristics about biological samples), web-interface to access the database, tools for reconstruction of gene regulatory networks in a cloud and distributed environment (IMBG).


The web-service “Air” is based on the information technology of forecasting atmospheric spread of pollution due to accidents with emissions of hazardous substances, developed by IPMMS NASU, based on integration of emission scenarios, atmospheric transport models of different levels of complexity (from simplified screening models of local scale to regional model CALPUFF and weather forecasting system WRF-Ukraine, developed by IPMMSU:

High-Energy Physics

Integrated Hydro-Kinetic Model (iHKM) is the powerful tool for simulation of a relativistic heavy ion collision, which allows to describe or predict a wide variety of measured bulk observables. Naturally, a researcher is interested in finding the connection between different parameter values and the simulation results in order to have the possibility to better understand the nature of the investigated processes and to discover the properties and characteristics of hot dense matter, basing on the experimental data. In iHKM each stage is regulated by specific model parameters, and the aggregated effect of the matter’s evolving during all the stages defines the final state of the system and the behavior of various observables, measured in the experiments.