Advanced Powder Technologies

Level: advanced
Language: English
Format: online
Course duration: 30 hours
Target groups: undergraduates and post-graduates of specialty materials science, mechanical engineering
Availability: Starting soon

The lecture course “ADVANCED POWDER TECHNOLOGIES” is based on practical R&D experience of nanostructured materials from their synthesis to consolidation. The main principles of material structure engineering are considered. Examples of the application of modern technologies like Spark-plasa sintering, Microwave sintering, and Rate-controlled sintering for manufacturing of bulk nanostructured materials of various functional purposes are given.

Necessary knowledge

knowledge of physics of continuous media, mechanics of materials, physical chemistry and materials science, obtained during the acquisition of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Acquired skills

– knowledge of approaches to the processing of nanomaterials, possess conceptual and methodological knowledge in the field of materials science and be able to use them for professional activities on the border of subject areas.

– ability to integrate existing powder technologies to processing for ceramic materials and design the materials structure to enhance their properties.

The course is free. All students will receive certificates with the amount of ECTS credits on completing the course. 

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