A webinar dedicated to digital twins was held

The Virtual Center for Digital Innovation NOSC-UA DIH and Ukrainian Cluster Alliance (UCA) jointly hosted the Community Days – online event on Digital Twins on April 25, 2023.
This event demonstrated how businesses can enhance their competitiveness by incorporating Digital Twins into their processes, products, and services to showcase the benefits for SMEs. The event was feature presentations on Industry 4.0 projects that utilize Digital Twins technology, which are supported by NOSC-UA DIH and the UCA DT Community.
The purpose of the event, in addition to the overview of existing projects, was also to share experiences on the use of various approaches and tools for the development and use of digital twins. The prospects for the preparation of joint projects and exchange of experience were discussed both from the point of view of the growth of technological competences among developers and the growth of interest and understanding of technologies by customers and various industry clusters.
One of the main conclusions voiced was the need for further meetings for a better understanding of the market, its condition and demand both on a national and international scale.
The recording of the event available with the link
The presentations of the event available here

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