“Parallel country stakeholder sessions – Ukraine”

NOSC-UA DIH Leader Volodymyr Nochvai took part in the “Parallel country stakeholder sessions – Ukraine” held during the 13th EaP CSF Annual Assembly. This session was assess the progress of Ukraine’s integration into the EU’s Digital Single Market as well as how to focus on this agenda and prioritise the related tasks for the government.
In particular, he spoke about the development of ICT innovations in Ukraine, supported by the EU4Digital project, as well as the need to align with the new EU priorities implemented by the Digital Europe program. In this regard, it is important that Ukraine has joined some EU digital infrasturcures like EOSC Association. The network of digital innovation hubs in Ukraine currently includes 3 DIHs. Volodymyr also stressed the importance of developing the data economy in Ukraine and developing appropriate data exchange/sharing technologies, in particular NOSC-UA DIH actively participates in the programs of the European data platform i4Trust.

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